Meeting Minutes – September 2018

Sept 11, 2018 – 10 members – Meeting started at 7:01PM

Motion to accept previous meeting minutes, Approved.

Treasurer: 1185.86

Annual report submitted to state of Wisconsin.

This weekend (September 15, 2018) is the Wisconsin Parks on the Air Contest
More Info:

Field day report?  Not posted yet online

Jon, Nice program about DX, Good knowledge about DX.  Places to look for DX stations.

October 9th, John Hanson from Galena will be presenting DX.

Fox hunt.  Dubuque club is declining to host the next event.

What if we were to combine fox hunt or field day with a rocket launch or balloon launch?

Christmas Party discussion.  Unos worked so well last year.  $5 per person.  Club picks up the rest of the pizza bill.

Adjournment 7:30 PM

Meeting Minutes – August 2018

Meeting Minutes – August 14th, 2018

Reading of June minutes, Approved.

Treasurer’s report: $663.12

We are becoming short on funs and need a grant writer

October 9th, John Hanson from Galena will be presenting DX.  Dustin will create a facebook post to advertise.

Rollo Jameson museum will have a WW1 event on Nov 10th for the city’s Platteville celebration of Veterans Day.

Field day, idea for next year: Invite back our favorite radio astronomer, Katie Rabidoux, to aim a dish and listen to space signals.

Katie R. is also an advisor to the UWP Rocketry team.  Hap will refer her to Dustin, for those interested in getting their ham license.

Need to look into how we did on field day.  What was our score?

Meeting Minutes – June 2018

Meeting Minutes June 12, 2018

Call to order, 7:04PM

10 in attendance

Introductions around the table for the new attendee, Logan Brinks

Five radio technician books “W5Yi by Gordon West“ are ordered and Kent will receive them by our next meeting. Kent collected a list of volunteers to deliver the books to the area libraries. Approx. $125 spent

Treasurers Report: 817.86 – Paid Alvin for repeater purchase.

There are 20 paid members.

Tower project at Badger Camp is being scaled back.  Too expensive.  The donated tower is solid steel, heavy, hard to work with. “Cheaper to put up a new 100’ tower”.

Reminder, new hams will receive a free radio when they join our club.  Pre-programmed and ready to dial into local repeaters!

Dustin will make some free radio flyers that we can hand out to the public at field day.

Dustin will make some fancy flyers, for field day.  He will email a pdf to club members the week of field day.

Field day preparations are similar to last year.

Where: UW Campus

When: June 23 Saturday 1pm to June 24 Sunday 1pm

Chairman: Paul K90T and Larry

Food: Alvin KC9MCC

Publicity & Pop: Kent K9ZMLU

Pictures: Dave KC9YEL

Mobile Trailer: Alvin KC9MCC

Tower Setup: Paul K90T

Club picnic will be at the Rollo Jamison Museums.  5PM July 10th.

Adjournment 7:50PM

Meeting Minutes – May 2018

Meeting Minutes – May 2018 – 12 in attendance

Treasurer: Alliant donation of 250 has been received


Larry KC9CSQ reserved the field day site.

Book Update:  “W5Yi by Gordon West” are available mid-May.  Kent K9ZMU will bring the books to our next meeting in June.  Previous motion passed was to spend $100 on purchasing 5 new radio technician question books.  Discussion made on which local libraries to donate to.  Lancaster, Platteville, Cassville, Cuba City, Darlington

The museum has been very good to us, hosting our yearly picnic.  Motion to donate $100 to the museum, Passed.

Badger camp tower update: Hap KC9BGA contacted Brent, he will provide some measurements on the 4x 20 foot sections of tower.  Brent has an estimate to erect the tower.  Discussion made on how to reduce the bill.

We invited John Hansen to speak to our group after our October 9th meeting.

Discussion made on how to reboot the hospital repeater without having physical access to the radio room after hours.  The room is secured and locked.

Let us know if you have complaints about the current repeater setup.

The next fox hunt will be hosted by Dubuque.

Adjournment 8:10PM

Meeting Minutes – April 2018

Meeting Minutes – April 10th, 2018

Call to order:

12 in attendance.  KC9MCC Alvin Bontreger, KC9JKV Dustin Westaby, KD9GBJ Scott Onson, KEITHA Keith Amdahl, KD9HAE Joe Feyen, K9OT Paul Dewiite, KB9LIE Peg Haese, K9OTY Denny Schaal, N9ZLK John McFadden, K9DLI Dick Jones, KC9BGA Hap Daus, KC9YEL Dave Weber

Old Business:

–          Reading and approval of previous meeting minutes

–          Treasurers report: $2167.26 + dues to deposit – bills to pay

–          Alliant Grant was marked as paid, but has not showed up yet.  We are on track to run out of money with our current plans for the year at the Badger Camp repeater.

–          We want to write a grant proposal to the Platteville Community Fund.

New Business:

–          Installed the new repeater at the hospital.  Small hiccup on the internet, we need a port forwarded to our Wire-X’s static ip address.  IT is aware of our issues. Hap will make some phone calls.

–          Badger Camp doesn’t have the money to put up a tower they have and has requested our assistance.  Our club would love to help them fundraise for the purpose of erecting their tower.  Badger Camp has welcomed our club to install one of our repeaters on their tower once installed.  The location of the Badger Camp site is ideal for the area, highest elevation around.  Current project estimate is above $6,000.

o   Action: Confirm price to install

o   Action: Write grants and collect donations

–          Discussion on bumping up the power on the Beetown repeater’s transmitter from 20W to 50.  Originally, we set it lower to prevent it from burning out.

–          Field Day will be setup like last year.  Setup in the parking lot of the engineering building of UW-P.

–          Hap offered a wooden sign holder mounted on a 2×2 post that we can tack a poster to use for field day weekend.

o   Action: Dustin will contact Hap for the post dimensions, then order a poster to fit the frame to promote field day.

Adjournment at 7:54pm

Meeting Minutes – February 2018

Feb 13, 2018 – 7 in attendance

Reminder, club dues are due

Old Business:

–          Treasures Report: 2440.26

–          Follow up on Alliant donation

–          Discussion on setting up a laptop for internet for the repeater

New Business;

–          Skywarn schedule. Lancaster April 2nd

–          Dick Jones K9DLI says hi. Called into the repeater the other day.

–          Donation from John Webb from Dubuque.  A nice mobile radio for us to give to new hams.

–          July 1st, a new technician question book is coming out.  Motion made to purchase $100 worth of these new books to donate to local libraries.  Passed.

–          Club Fair went well.  Crowds were steady at the library.  Thanks to everyone who helped or came out to see us~!

–          Badger Camp has welcomed us to install a repeater antenna on their 200ft, estimated, tower which is not yet erected. Hap KC9BGA suggests leveraging our nonprofit status to collect donations and put this tower up for them.  Location: Far end of Military Ridge (high point of the area).

o   Rough estimate on our last tower project was $1800.

–          Keith KE1THA volunteered to host a spare repeater until we are ready to install at Badger Camp.

–          Keith KE1THA suggested that out club host a “Learn to Solder” night as an educational project.

Meeting Minutes – March 2018

Meeting Minutes

March 13, 2018

7 in attendance, call to order at 7:10pm


Treasurers’ Report: 2440.46

Old Business

–          Books have not been ordered yet.  We will distribute to members to give to their local libraries.

–          Have not heard anything new from the hospital. New repeater is ready now.  Try and schedule the install soon.  This will allow us to tie the repeater sites together. Platteville mobile users will be able to call into the Beetown repeater using the Platteville repeater, and vice versa.

New Business

–          Update membership list with paid members for this year, send emails out

o   In the future, we would like to give out a membership list of contact info to our members.

–          Picnic location, Kent K9ZMU will contact the museum to secure our date.

–          Need a sticker design to put in the library books, advertising our club.

–          Swapped stories about learning soldering. Zinc chloride flux is a bad choice for circuit boards and will short out everything.  Normal rosin core solder or no-clean flux is a better choice.

–          Field day is upcoming.  Discussion on location and having better signage.

–          Discussion on the possibility of taking our trailer to the Grant County Fair

September 2017 Newsletter & Minutes

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August 2017 Newsletter & Minutes

June newsletter is available. You can find on the Newsletters and Minutes page.
You can also directly find the latest newsletter here.

June 2017 Newsletter & Minutes

June newsletter is available. You can find on the Newsletters and Minutes page.
You can also directly find the latest newsletter here.


Greetings Everyone!

All amateurs and those interested in amateur radio are welcome at club meetings and events.

The Hidden Valleys Amateur Radio Club is a small friendly club located in the hills and valleys of Southwestern Wisconsin. Our members participate in Field Day, Wisconsin QSO parties, local community service activities, and also offer ham licensing classes. Many of us are trained storm spotters, some have CPR, and a few have multiple Red Cross certifications.

Our club meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM in the lower level of the Southwest Health Center in Platteville Wisconsin. We have a weekly Sunday night net meeting at 7:30 PM on the N0WLU repeater on 146.895Mhz 114.8 pl. All check-ins are welcome.

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