August 2015 Newsletter & Minutes

The newsletter for August is now available. You can find them on the Newsletters and Minutes page. Includes: President’s Comments KQ’s Korner Hamfest / Computerfests Direct Link: Meeting Minutes – August 2015

KQ’s Korner – July 2015

The monthly meeting of our club will be a little different this month.  We are having our annual picnic this time.  As usual it is held on the Jamison Museum grounds, with the entrance on Virgin St.  Hope to see everybody there.  Bring a dish to pass and the club will have hamburgers and hot […]

May 2015 Newsletter

The newsletter for May is now available. You can find them on the Newsletters and Minutes page. Includes: President’s Comments KQ’s Korner April Meeting Minutes Hamfest / Computerfests Direct Link: Meeting Minutes – May 2015

KQ’s Korner – April 2015

With the weather events of the past few days, I think we are all aware that severe weather season is here.  We were lucky in missing the really bad stuff which went mostly south of us.  There was one fatality in northern Illinois, in the Rochelle area.  The worst in this area was hail and […]

KQ’s Korner – March 2015

March is here and The Wisconsin QSO Party is coming up on March 15th. Our club usually makes a good showing in the WQP, due to the efforts of our members. I miss being active in the contest, but I have no choice. Mick, WK9O, and I used to activate the southwestern counties of the […]

KQ’s Korner – February 2015

It is difficult to think of spring while I am looking at a foot of snow in my yard, but happily spring is on the way.  Soon there will be SkyWarn sessions and the severe weather season starts about the middle of March.  A  few years ago there was a tornado in the Cascade, IA […]

KQ’s Korner – January 2015

Spring has sprung, fall has fell, winter is here and it is colder than a well diggers feet in an iceberg. With that in mind, remember that tornados are not the only severe weather events that we are involved in. Blizzards, snow storms, ice storms and extremely cold temps are all severe weather. If our […]

KQ’s Korner — July 2014

Field Day has come and gone for another year. I think we has a good Field Day. I don’t know how we did but everyone had a good time. A big tip of the hat to Alvin, KC9MCC for the eats again this year. Nothing like good FD eats. I think that is an important […]

KQ’s Korner – June 2014

Field Day is this month. So reserve some time on the weekend of June 28th to spend some time operating FD. There should be opportunities for everyone who wishes to spend some time contcacting all of the others who make FD the premier amateur radion event. Contact Paul, K9OT, or Larry, KC9CSQ, and they will […]

KQ’s Korner – May 2014

Next month is Field Day already.  So make you plans to participate for the weekend. There will be something to do for everybody.  Set up is on Friday PM and FD operation starts at noon on Saturday.  If you would like to operate, let Paul, K9OT, or Larry KC9CSQ, know and they will schedule you in.  We especially need nighttime operators, so if you are a night owl this is your chance.  I am going to try to bring my camper again this year. It depends on how my and Evies health holds out.  I sure would like to be there this year though. Severe weather season is here.  Almost every day the weatherman is forecasting storms so be ready..  They can come up very fast sometimes. Some of the southern states have already suffered quite a bit of storm damage this year.  So keep on your toes. The propagation Gods have been good to radio operators lately.  The solar flux was 148 this morning (5/10/14) and has been high for quite some time.  I would suspect that the peak of this solar cycle has passed, but there still are good conditions left.  When we get into the pits of the cycle we can look back and remember how the good time were. 73 & CUL Art, N9KQ


Greetings Everyone!

All amateurs and those interested in amateur radio are welcome at club meetings and events.

The Hidden Valleys Amateur Radio Club is a small friendly club located in the hills and valleys of Southwestern Wisconsin. Our members participate in Field Day, Wisconsin QSO parties, local community service activities, and also offer ham licensing classes. Many of us are trained storm spotters, some have CPR, and a few have multiple Red Cross certifications.

Our club meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM in the lower level of the Southwest Health Center in Platteville Wisconsin. We have a weekly Sunday night net meeting at 7:30 PM on the N0WLU repeater on 146.895Mhz 114.8 pl. All check-ins are welcome.

We wish to thank Scott Onson KD9GBJ for the server space on which this web site is hosted.