EchoLink on N0WLU 146.895Mhz

Our repeater is under KC9MCC-R.

EchoLink has compatibility with most operating systems and smartphones.  When at home, you may need to open ports in your router / modem’s firewall.

After installing, you will need an account with a validated callsign.  Validation of your callsign is fairly fast, I did mine by credit card and was validated in under 10 minutes.  You may also validate by email with a picture of your license, takes a bit longer for a human to review.


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Greetings Everyone!

All amateurs and those interested in amateur radio are welcome at club meetings and events.

The Hidden Valleys Amateur Radio Club is a small friendly club located in the hills and valleys of Southwestern Wisconsin. Our members participate in Field Day, Wisconsin QSO parties, local community service activities, and also offer ham licensing classes. Many of us are trained storm spotters, some have CPR, and a few have multiple Red Cross certifications.

Our club meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM in the lower level of the Southwest Health Center in Platteville Wisconsin. We have a weekly Sunday night net meeting at 7:30 PM on the N0WLU repeater on 146.895Mhz 114.8 pl. All check-ins are welcome.

We wish to thank Scott Onson KD9GBJ for the server space on which this web site is hosted.